Which challenge option is right for your charity?

Here at Pure Challenge we create, design and organise challenges and adventures all over the UK, during our time we have been working with various charities to provide safe, enjoyable and rewarding challenges to reach fundraising goals.

We pride ourself for our reputation among charities for our:-

  • Safe, risk assessed challenges

  • Frequent repeat business with our partner charities

  • Experienced and knowledgeable team

  • Flexible, friendly and hands-on approach

  • Highly competitive prices

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Bespoke Challenges

Bespoke challenges are tailored events dedicated completely to your charity, the Pure Challenge team will work closely with you from the outset, starting with the initial consultation, the challenge lead up and running the challenge exactly to your requirements.

We always take the approach of building a long lasting working relationship with all of our charity clients

Running a Bespoke Challenge is a great way to raise a large amount of funds, awareness, and create loyal supporters who are committed to you because of the unique, personal bond they have shared on a Pure Challenge event.

These events are tailored to your charity, we work alongside you to ensure all the event planning meets your requirements, those of your supporters, and the event itself is run the way you like it. From initial discussions throughout the trip lead-up and providing post-trip support.

There is nothing to fear

If you haven’t offered them before, Bespoke Challenges are not to be feared. There’s nothing to lose in the early stages, and the advantages vastly outweigh the small amount of time involved. We can work with you regardless of the size of your charity or how limited your budget may be.

Let us do all the work

Bespoke Challenges do not have to take up lots of your time and resources. We are always on hand with our dedicated and experienced staff who will take on the entire workload of the event. We are always on hand to discuss anything about your challenge and we keep you posted at all times during the planning and set up stage.

Email us at contact@purechallenge.co.uk for further information

Open Challenges

Open challenges are run by Pure Challenge and provide a way for you to promote challenge events to your supporters without the need to promote and advertise an event yourself

Open Challenges are a way for you to promote challenge events to your supporters without the need to recruit a group or dedicate your resources to trip promotion and administration.  This is a no-risk, no-commitment way to be involved in challenge events or to offer plenty of choice in addition to your Bespoke Challenges.  With Open Challenges every charity, no matter how large or small, is able to take advantage of our expertise in organising and leading safe, meaningful and highly enjoyable fundraising challenges.

  • There’s no need to commit time and resources to recruit a minimum number of participants, you can benefit even from 1 supporter taking part

  • Open Challenges provide a wide choice for your supporters; from UK weekends to small several hour events from trekking to cycling and running challenges

  • Pure Challenge Open Challenges are consistently priced to offer you the best cost: income ratios around!

Participants can be daunted by the idea of the minimum fundraising target; they can choose our Self-Payment Option. This means they pay their own tour costs, but send everything they raise to you as a simple donation. (Some charities promote only this option because it saves resources). You can choose to promote either the Self-Payment or the Fundraising Option, or both – it’s entirely up to you.

It’s very easy for your participants to register on a Pure Challenge open event. They can use the secure online booking and payment facility on our website via a simple link from your own, and it’s even specially-tailored for your charity!

No trip administration, leaving you free to concentrate on giving fundraising advice and encouragement.

Email us at contact@purechallenge.co.uk for further information